Salesforce Services

Enterprise agility via “Salesforce” has decreased the need for tech infrastructure. Salesforce is a protected, cost-effective and scalable on-demand resource to achieve your e-commerce goals.

Secure, Cost-Effective and Scalable


Conversions 20%

Efficient data management and enhanced technology to convert leads with seamless data flow. (Numbers/ Conversion data)

ROI 23%

Improve revenue, gross margin and cost efficiency through Salesforce in-built calculator for optimum results

Overhead/cost 25%

Reduce overheads and costs with the use of best-in-class technology.

Digital Engagement 21%

High and effective digital engagement through apps and technology suitable for your business.



Shifting markets, constant innovation and regulatory scrutiny challenge the revenue growth and operating efficiencies of the e-commerce domain. To operate and scale effectively, they need to harness new technologies as quickly as possible to provide the quality services customers demand. We can help.

Software Consultancy

Timely and effective decisions are critical. Businesses need the insight to identify changes and adapt their approach. Let us connect.

Mobile Application

Consolidating multi-faceted expertise under one roof allows for seamless product building. Modern and intuitive SaaS products bring enterprise ideas to life.

Software Testing

User acceptance testing for quality you can trust. Beyond websites or applications and testing on Android and iOS apps, along with a multitude of other devices and platforms; our QA engineers position themselves within the client’s team to provide rapid feedback and detailed information regarding encountered bugs and issues.

Salesforce Services

Enterprise agility via “Salesforce” has not only reduced the need for tech infrastructure, but has delivered it in a more secure, cost-effective and scalable on-demand resource.

UX UI Design

Simplified user journeys on complex products, intuitive visual designs, improving quality, reducing cost and accelerating delivery.

Quality Assurance

Independent software quality assurance (QA) services deliver valuable insights into end-user impression, bug detection and more effective control of your application quality including revision of compliance and original requirements.