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Shifting markets, constant innovation and regulatory scrutiny challenge the revenue growth and operating efficiencies of the e-commerce domain. To operate and scale effectively, they need to harness new technologies as quickly as possible to provide the quality services customers demand. We can help.

Software Consultancy

Timely and effective decisions are critical. Businesses need the insight to identify changes and adapt their approach. Let us connect.

Mobile Application

Consolidating multi-faceted expertise under one roof allows for seamless product building. Modern and intuitive SaaS products bring enterprise ideas to life.

Software Testing

User acceptance testing for quality you can trust. Beyond websites or applications and testing on Android and iOS apps, along with a multitude of other devices and platforms; our QA engineers position themselves within the client’s team to provide rapid feedback and detailed information regarding encountered bugs and issues.

Salesforce Services

Enterprise agility via “Salesforce” has not only reduced the need for tech infrastructure, but has delivered it in a more secure, cost-effective and scalable on-demand resource.

UX UI Design

Simplified user journeys on complex products, intuitive visual designs, improving quality, reducing cost and accelerating delivery.

Quality Assurance

Independent software quality assurance (QA) services deliver valuable insights into end-user impression, bug detection and more effective control of your application quality including revision of compliance and original requirements.

Cloud Services

Enhance your business with the world’s best Office 365 migration certified consultants. Our team of Microsoft Office 365 migration experts are experienced and have a complete understanding to move you out of existing platforms to switch to the most secured platform. 

IT Infrastructure Services consists of a complete, integrated suite of services for managing distributed and hybrid IT environments from across the enterprise with a single reporting point.

The depth and breadth of OCD’s IT infrastructure and cloud technology make us our partner of choice in many of our customers’ digital transformations. Our investment in patented tools and technology, complete partner ecosystem, knowledge of new technologies — software defined, open source, DevOps, IoT, etc. make sure we can handle all cloud and IT infrastructure requirements from one fulfilling source.


Retail / eCommerce

At OCD, we recognize that retail companies face constant demand for end-user compliance, security and data privacy and rely on their information technology systems to remain competitive.

Our Solutions

We specialize in understanding what makes your idea unique and setting you up with a digital experience and tech stack that can handle all your specific needs — from websites, apps, content management.

Our Solutions

Seasons, campaigns, forecasting. Depending on your role in the supply chain – manufacturer, logistics provider, supplier or retailer, we’ve got you covered. Create value from targeted efficiencies and technologically driven insights.

Our Solutions

We translate your business and brand destination into content that can reach on the channels that are most relevant to your audience. Way to go.

Our Solutions
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Typical Process Cycle

An initial step in the process — Research or a UX review is a method used to pinpoint the areas of improvisation of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app need to be flagged. Followed by creating personas and archetypes in context to using the product. Delivering solutions — wireframes, prototypes, visual designs and handovers as next steps.

Our Architects are experts across all systems involved in the entire process; from Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), Shopify, Magento and SaaS as well as any third party partners that integrate with e-commerce websites. They will not only guide and mentor teams in best practices for development but will also be the lead considering the scalability aspect of your business.

Our Quality Assurance experts at testing apps and websites, ensure that the features and functionality that we design and produce, work according to client needs. Our QA team tests across all relevant browsers and devices to make sure that what we build works to perfection. We also provide automated testing services to speed up regression testing to allow for faster releases of code. Resulting in a successful launch.

Post launch, as a part of integrated analytics we are able to map the site performance and measure accurately in context to Conversions, Return on investments (ROI), Digital Engagement on the rise as against the Overheads and Costs on the fall.


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